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Brief Introduction

   Nanning Rainbow (Green City Rainbow) Workshop is a pro-bono organization sponsored by Nanning Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, and Family Health International of The USA. We aim at the construction of Nanning’s gay community and the prevention of venereal diseases and AIDS. Also, we offer the consultation and help for gay people which helps improve the ability of combating V.D. and AIDS.

  From September 2006, the workshop has been constantly intervening the behaviors of gay people based on the factual situation, promoting benefits and features of health examination, AIDS and V.D.-related knowledge at gay bars, gay-gathered spots, gay chambers,and in the area of Internet based on the instruction of Nanning CDC and expand convering surface of VCT examination.

Currently, the workshop exhibitions have covered 12 spots of targeted people which incluede most featured places. We distribute free condoms, lubricants, the pamthlets of V.D.and AIDS prevention, sell low-priced oral condoms and communicate targeted people face-to-face. We introduce the knowledge of V.D. and AIDS to gay people through those exhibitions.

 The workshop holds various activities ranging from Health Promotion Activies for large groups and discussion for small groups, preparing programs and games to show the knowledge of V.D and AIDS by the efforts the peer educators and volunteers, distributing free condoms, lubricants, health education pamthlets and cards. Thus more people will understand our workshop and take part into the physical examinations held by Nanning CDC.

  In the consideration of strengthening and expanding the promotion of V.D. and AIDS, the workshop recruits a bunch of aimed people to our team. The FHI and the Nanning CDC will gather peer educators and volunteers for further training in order to improve the working ability of them, making them more competent in communication skills and diseases knowledge.

Address: #1303, 13th floor, Jin Wai Tan Business Mansion, #66 Zhongshan Rd, Nanning City, Guangxi Autonomous Region, P.R., China.


Telephone:+0086 771 2851559


Volunteer QQ group :32814239

Translator翻译:吴量 Tennessee Wu


E-mail:caihongwork@163.com | Telephone: +0086 771-2851559 | Website:www.nnch.cn

Address: #1303, 13th floor, Jin Wai Tan Business Mansion, #66 Zhongshan Rd, Nanning City, Guangxi Autonomous Region, P.R., China.